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    Publish time 2017-08-11 10:50    
Check weigher FCW-0
FCW-0 Check weigher,with the weighing range of 10-2000g,applies to food,health care products and household chemicals industry,the accuracy and the production capability can meet all the need of on-line check weighing.
1.  20 products can be set up and selected,easy operation.
2.  Function of automatic zero-tracking.
3.  Function of quick-locking and fixing make the conveyor is easy to be assembled,checked and cleaned.
4.  Color touch screen can wide-angle adjust,convenient for watching and operating.
1.  Mini printer
2.  Screening type:Pushing-Board and Air-Blowing
1.  Weighing range:10-2000g(Different Type)
2.  Accuracy:±0.4g-±0.5g
3.  Speed:80-120 piece/min
4.  Sorting segment: 3
5.  Test sample: W=20-120mm,L=35-150mm,H=5-160mm
6.  Air supply: 0.4-0.8Mpa,4L/min (Normal)
7.  Air supply source: The OD of the Nylon tube is 6mm, one button connector
8.  Power supply:220Vac±10%,50Hz,250VA
9.  Operating temperature:0-40℃
10. Shell materiall:Stainless steel (Water-proof)