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    Publish time 2017-08-11 10:50    
Check weigher FCW
1.Compact, economical and highly efficient checkweighing solution.
2.100 product memories, 3 weight zones and a large range of options and accessories make the checkweigher suitable for a broad scope of applications in all industry segments weighing products up to 600g.
3.Suitable for dynamically weighing products up to 600.g  with an accuracy from ± 100mg and a maximum throughput of 200 ppm.
Features and Benefits
Large selection of data connection ports
All production data and statistical information can be made available in real-time within your local network. Production and quality managers can access and review all relevant data from their desks. Enables rapid response to problems and facilitates preventive measures, thereby minimising downtime.
Fully adjustable height and transport direction
Enables the checkweigher to adapt to changing production requirements and allows efficient and simple integration into an existing production line, reducing installation time and costs and protecting your investment.
Wide range of rejection/sorting devices
Products are rejected or sorted to enable further inspection, processing or manual quality control based on product weight, size or application requirements. Ensures reliable and efficient total quality control.
Conveyor speed  control
Continuously variable conveyor speeds with constant torque ensure exact speed regulation and package control. Eliminates costly package timing and spacing errors.
Specifications - FCW Checkweigher
from ± 0.1g
Checkweighing Range
up to 600g
max. 200