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Mobile Bagging Machine
    Publish time 2017-08-11 10:52    


  • Application:fertilizers,grains pulses,sugar and more.
  • Weighing range:15kg~100kg
  • Weighing speed:90~120t/h
  • Weighing accuracy:±0.1%(static) ±0.2%(dynamic)

Engineering our machines to be reliable and flexible is the mandate of our technical staff. The bagging units are mobile, self-contained and capable of operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The bulk cargo can be bagged “on-the-spot” at port of discharge, or from a stockpile after delivery. The machines are mobile and versatile. Therefore, their usage can be customized to fit the clients requirements and needs.

The mobile units together with our technical staff assure our customers that the assignment will be successfully completed with precision and utmost care.

Our bagging units are capable of bagging up to 140 metric tones per hour, with weightment values from 25 kg to 100 kg. Weighing of open-mouth bags, valve bags, form/fill/seal packages and IBC’s are all possible. All units are equipped with gravity-fed automatic net bagging weighers and industrial weighing systems, which ensures absolute accuracy in weightment.

25kg to 100kg Bags(Fertilizers, Grains Pulses, Sugar & more)

This equipment can bag any free flowing bulk cargo with weightment of each bag ranging from 25kg to 100kg, depending on your requirements. Net weight is most accurate and each bagging unit can achieve discharge rate of up to 120-140MT per hour. World renown and tested scales produce bags with most accurate weight.

1000kg Bags(Fertilizers, Grains Pulses, Sugar & more)

We can also supply self contained portable bagging machines which are uniquely designed for filling bags of 100kg. These units are designed for working in harsh climate and conditions. Each bagging unit can produce 120MT per hour.

The bagging service can be provided to the customer on a lease, sale or as part of a larger full turn-key service. We specialize in customizing the project and service to your needs and requirements.