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    Publish time 2017-08-11 10:55    

Truck scale is an ideal measuring instrument for weighing trucks.

The electronic truck scale adopt box structure, submerged arc welding, dioxide protect welding. The weighing platform is rigid enough to be inflexible. Before painting, we do shot blasting and burnish to increase adhesive force. After this step, we paint anti-corrosive primer and acrylic polyurethane coating. To increase protecting ablity of platform, hot zinc spraying is necessary.


Main technical features and parameter:

1 Modularization, standardization, seriation platform

2 Automatic restoration force-conveying component

3 Digital signal output, far journey transmition

4 Moisture-proof, erosion-proof, leaning load-proof, interference-resistant

5 Automatic malfunction detecting, weighing data storage

6 Man-machine conversation, keyboard setting and calibration

7 Various storage function: truck number, tare, article itemized accumulation and accumulative total storage

8 Various data report output/automatically print

9 Surge protection