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    Publish time 2017-08-11 10:58    

Accurate and easy to use 
Manufacture according to customer's requirements 
Capacity from 0.5t to 5t

Using spiry spring as bumper, tructure is simple and practical, be good at in shock absorption
The life of shock absorption is over 30 years, no need maintance.
it gets over the influence of metage time to sympathetic vibration.
It is superior to other scale that take rubber or condensation air as bumper.
The size and Max. capacity is selectable.


5mm or 8mm flat steel plate for platform and U type beam for supporting.

Basic configment:

1. steel scale body

2.weighing indicator  *1 set   (XK3190-A12E for English version)

3. loadcells              *4 sets (GX-1 from ACCU/USA)

4.Junction box          *1 set  ( water-proof)

5.Signal cable           *5 m

6. Weighing management system(optional)


Using Place:

warehouse, factory, workshop