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    Publish time 2017-08-11 10:58    

1.CE certification 
2.Kg/Ib conversion 
3.HI/LO/OK alarm function 

Electronic pallet scale (fork lift scale)

(1) Kg/Ib conversion;     

(2) Single-point calibration function for high precision;             

(3) HI/LO/OK alarm function, HI/LO/OK setting can be stored;         

(4) Weight accumulation function, weighing data is not missed;

(5) Auto zero and software filter function, the response speed of weighing is adjusted according to different environment;   

(6) Operated by power supply or rechargeable battery;             

(7) Operation temperature: -5 -40;                      

(8) Automatic zero point tracking function;            

(9) Selection of the ON/OFF of the zero tracking;       

(10) Selection of the baud rate of the RS232 interface( Optional ); 

(11) The beep function can be activated when the weighing reach the HI-LO limits;

(12) Tare function;     

(13) Pre-tare function;        

(14) Simple counting function is applicable;                    

(15) Tare range is unlimited;   

(16) AC power or rechargeable battery is applicable;  

(17) Unique design to prevent water from the scale;     

(18) Three types of wheels can be chosed.